Tips on Buying Modafinil Online

Buying smart drugs online can be tricky sometimes because new shops are constantly opening and you need to read reviews that may be fakes to get the information needed to make a decision. But, you should first check how much you know about Modafinil or any other nootropic. A lot of young people are making bad decisions, not only about supplementation, but they also do it for many other things in life. Lack of information is one of the reasons for making a bad decision.

Silicon Valley is the most common place where you can find people using smart drugs and there is a big reason why they are doing it. Most of them worked very hard to get where they are now. Working for 12 to 14 hours every day is very hard so you probably need some supplementation as professional athletes do to enhance their physical condition. You need to realize if you are the person that actually needs Modafinil.

Why You Need It?

Most of the medication that is used for depression and anxiety are called smart drugs so sometimes it is difficult to make the difference between products. Modafinil is one of the products that are used for many medical conditions. You should have a strong reason for buying it. Hard jobs or having problems with studying may be the reason but only if you are determined to put in the work.

If you really study for 6 or 7 hours, and you need those 2 or 3 more, it can help you if you are under stress because you need to work that much. So, before buying any smart drug, you should think of a strong reason to get it. For medical reasons, you will need to talk to your doctor and find out what is good for you. These products are really cheap and you can find them online even if they are illegal in many countries. Read more here.

Online Shops

There are two types of online shops you can come across while searching for the product. The first one is the online shop made from the company that is manufacturing the supplement and they are very trusted. In some cases the prices may be higher than you can find in other shops. But, it is recommended to get it from these verified shops because most of them will provide enough information about them that you need.

The second type of shops is selling the products that someone else made. A great thing about these shops is that they can have a cheaper product because they will look for the cheapest manufacturer. You need to be careful with these websites because a lot of them are scams or just have a bad product. You will need to read the reviews and check the ratings of every website to make sure they are legitimate, just like what provides.


Reputation and Rating

The two main things you should look online when searching for a Modafinil shop is reputation and rating. These smart drugs are on the market for a very long time so you have a lot of them that are selling the product for more than 5 to 10 years. If they survived in the industry for such a long time, it means that they have satisfied customers that are returning to get some more.

When it comes to rating, you should only visit websites that don’t do promotions because it can easily be paid to be number one even if you aren’t in a top 100. There are a lot of forums where you can read reviews about products and websites that can give you enough information so you can make the purchase. It is very important to choose the right shop because they might send you something dangerous for your health.

The Price

The price is determined on a few factors like the number of pills, how much mg of Modafinil each has and the manufacturer. The number of pills usually goes from 30 to 120 but most of the shops will drop the prices as you buy more pills so they might have an offer for 200 or 500 pills to attract more customers. This shouldn’t be the determining factor for you because it’s best to try the product even if it has great reviews. It may not suit you and you end up spending a lot of money.

If your manufacturer is reputable you can expect the price for 30 pills to be around $60 for 100 or 200mg pills but it is hard to determine an average price because you can some drug shops that are selling it for 5 to 10 times more. You can probably find 30 pills of 200mg Modafinil in India for $20 but the quality is questionable. If you have a friend that has experience with buying it, you should rely on them.

How Much You Need?

Some people decide to take it for medical reasons but if that is the case for you, you should contact your doctor before making your own move. Your age is one of the things that should be calculated in the dosage. If you are between 18 and 24, start with 100 to 200mg pills, once a day, most recommended in the morning.

The age shouldn’t be the only thing that determines how much you take. It is important to start slow. If you are older, you can take 400mg pills but it usually means that you can’t up the dosage too much if the effect lowers. If you use it smartly and start from 100mg and up the dosage every month, you can expect that the effect lasts longer with a smaller dosage.

A great tip is to use cognitive enhancement food to boost your brain. A lot of users are combining multiple products because their brain got used to taking Modafinil. There are many great brain foods that will add to the effect of smart drugs. These foods are usually berries or all kinds of seeds.

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