Recovery Tips for Butt Augmentation

Recovery from any kind of surgery requires a lot of effort and time. You need to bring about changes in your diet and water retention to ensure that you recover at a faster rate. Often after surgery, people are either asked to undergo complete bed rest or resort to sitting. Nonetheless, this may not be the case if you undergo a butt augmentation recovery method.

In the butt augmentation recovery procedure, you are required to undergo a general treatment at the bottom. Hence, you may be asked not to sit for quite long. If you have recently undergone a butt augmentation recovery process, you will need to maintain a few guidelines.


After your surgery, you should avoid sitting for at least a week to ensure faster recovery. Nonetheless after a week, you may attempt sitting but you need to be careful with it. A butt augmentation treatment can disrupt your tissue or implant position on the butt. Moreover, if you tend to sit for a long time, the implant may lose the fat, which can lead to the asymmetric issue.

You may return to work in the second week but strictly refrain from driving. Moreover, even if you are sitting, you should be using a boppy pillow for extra ease.


Since it is the butt augmentation therapy, while resting you need to sleep on your stomach. Lying on your back and buttock can cause a lot of problems. Initially, you may not be allowed to sleep on your sides as it can lead to shift of implants. However, you should not be resting on your stomach for too long as it can lead to strain on the neck

You should get yourself enough pillows under your stomach and neck to ensure proper comfort. Instead of resting continuously, you should ensure taking small breaks and walking around. Walking around will eventually help in circulating your blood.


After your butt augmentation treatment, in the recovery period, you will be restricted to do a lot of activities. Therefore, you shouldn’t be doing anything that puts excessive strain on the treated areas. Therefore, before sitting, you should acquire everything that you will be needing. Apart from that, you may as well get someone who can assist you in getting what you need.

A lot of people prefer getting Clinique anti aging butt injections to avoid sagging butt. Even after the injection, you should be taking all the necessary precautions to avoid any inconvenience.

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