Powerlifting Equipment Tips

I am writing this article to give out some information that constantly seems to be of concern to lifters – about equipment for powerlifting.

1. You can wash your wrist and knee wraps but you will lose some elasticity in the process. So, don’t throw them around and drag them around and they will not get dirty enough to need washing.

Most lifters buy a new set every few years anyway and keep the old ones to train in and/or give them to an upcoming or beginning lifter.

2. Power suits (squat suits) and bench shirts , you need to wash them after every workout. Not only do they get offensive in smell; (unless you guys are used to wearing your underwear for a week without washing it) just ask your workout partners, they will appreciate it, but also, and this is a big one – the body salts (remember you sweat) can eat the threads and material and hurt the integrity and structure of the suit, making it more liable to tear, rip or blow when under normal circumstances it would not happen. Same with the power briefs, etc..

3. Tie your shoes guys. I see more kids coming in with big floppy shoes and shoe laces hanging all over the place and every once in a while they will trip coming out of the squat rack, very stupid, seems like a simple thing, but still not heeded by mostly the under 20 crowd.

Tight shoes, well laced is the key to tightness on every lift. Be safe and forget about being cool while you workout.

4. Keep track of your workouts. Every rep of every set, every warm-up, every sit-up, etc.. You will be glad you did down the road, you cannot remember every workout even though you think you are Einstein at the present.

Science plays a big role in sports, get the one-up on those who think powerlifting is nothing more than lifting a big weight. Get a workout log and keep the records.

5. Listen to every idea that comes across the gym, most may seem or be silly but you never know when you might catch something that might be of help. And listen to the lifter who has been around a while, he may not really be any smarter, but he surely has learned something over the years, even if it is the wrong way to do something.

If you want to be successful in powerlifting you are going to have to learn everything you can about proper exercise form, effective workouts, nutrition, powerlifting supplements, recovery methods, mental toughness, contest rules, etc..

6. Remember to stretch and/or warm-up properly, get in the right frame of mind in whatever you do. Forget about going in and starting to pile weight on the bar to begin with. Form is not learned with big weight but with an empty bar.

I hope these few ideas will help you on the road to being a powerlifting success. I am sure there are more, but these important tips will get you going.

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